15 Museums You Have to See to Believe


Cimarron Heritage Center

Photo courtesy Cimarron Heritage Center.
Photo courtesy Cimarron Heritage Center.

Boise City
Founded: 1997
Life in the Oklahoma panhandle hasn’t been easy. The Dust Bowl, droughts and hard living are what the area is historically known for. Cimarron Heritage Center has exhibits that represent the agrarian life in Cimarron County. The exhibition on the Dust Bowl is popular, as are the cars, trucks, buggies, tractors, farm machinery and old-fashioned school house that are part of the museum.

Cimarron also boasts a life-size sculpture of a brontosaurus, nicknamed Cimmy, similar to the one whose bones were excavated from a dinosaur quarry in nearby Kenton. Inside the museum, casts of Saurophaganax bones, also recovered from the quarry, are on display. The actual recovered bones are on display at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.

Photo courtesy Cimarron Heritage Center.