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Nailing the Clues

[dropcap]Did[/dropcap] you know that your fingernails can provide clues to your overall health?

For example, your nails’ shape, color, strength, ridges and depressions, thickness and growth rate can all be indications of various health concerns from mild to serious.

Connective tissue disorders, low blood oxygen level, anemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism, as well as cardiovascular, liver and kidney disease can actually be tipped off by the condition of your nails.


Your nails can be strongly influenced by your nutritional status, medications that you are taking, trauma and the aging process itself. Give your fingernails some love and care by staying hydrated and eating a well-balanced diet.

In many cases, changes to your nails are normal, but if you notice any significant changes, consulting your doctor is always the best bet.