Tulsa Ballet brings 1950s Chicago to Oklahoma in a performance where women rule, mafioso style. The renowned dance company presents Vendetta at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center from March 26 to 29.

The work depicts Rosalia Carbone’s tragic wedding day, when a long-standing grudge between rival mob families explodes, says Bethany Kirby, the ballet’s marketing manager. The godfather, feared patriarch of the Carbone family, is killed in a shootout and an enraged Rosalia takes his place.

Vendetta premiered in the spring of 2017 in Montreal,” says Marcello Angelini, Tulsa Ballet’s artistic director. “I went to see it, as I love Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s works, and fell in love with it. In the words of Annabelle, Vendetta is ‘Broadway meets film noir meets Moulin Rouge meets vaudeville … with a tad of Fellini.’

“The work is interesting, funny, engaging … and the story is well told and well developed with enough drama to keep the audience at the edge of their seats and enough humor to lighten up the experience. I love that, for once, the padrino ends up being a woman. So refreshing.”

For insights into the show, ticket holders can attend free discussions in the Westby Pavilion on the promenade level 30 minutes before curtain. The talks are led by Tulsa Ballet artistic staff and visiting artists. Topics may include the choreography, scoring and costuming.

Kirby says those with a certain idea of a trip to the ballet should not expect a tame evening this time around. Full of red-hot emotions, anger and greed and depicted through the beauty of dance, Vendetta is a thrilling show with passion, humor and bada bing bada boom.

“You’re guaranteed a captivating performance,” she says.