Palate Passion

Photo by Brent Fuchs.
Photo by Brent Fuchs.

[dropcap]Chef[/dropcap] Ryan Parrot, master and commander of the menus at Oklahoma City’s Picasso Cafe, brought a cadre of long-standing local purveyor relationships with him upon taking over the eatery’s kitchen a few years ago. The Cafe has been an award-winning draw to the Paseo Arts District since 2009.

A native Oklahoman, Parrot has always cooked, beginning professionally at the age of 15. From there his roster of restaurant triumphs spread across the state, including Deep Fork Group, Cafe Nova, Iguana Mexican, Local, Bellini’s and Boulevard Steakhouse, just to name a few. He attributes this culinary prowess to a continuing emphasis on “working local” by developing partnerships with local farmers and ranchers.

Four times per week, Picaso Cafe local partner Prairie Thunder Baking Company delivers fresh baked goods. Additional local vendors include Savory Spice Shop and Wichita Buffalo, among others.

“Pasta Pizzaz, a local fresh pasta company, has been making fresh pasta for me since 1992,” says Parrot. “It means a lot … to be able have these fresh, handmade products available to our guests.”

When it comes to his own cooking, Parrot says a favorite is the seared ahi tuna appetizer, replete in a bed of greens, candied garlic and rosemary-infused olive oil. He also often chooses the pear and raisin glazed salmon served with lump crab risotto or the hearty and oh-so-savory knife-and-fork turkey sandwich.

The Picasso Cafe, located at 3009 Paseo, features a dog-friendly patio along with The Other Room – a connected bar next door. Reservations (strongly encouraged) are available at 405.602.2002.

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