Photo courtesy Hal Smith Restaurants

With a casual, energetic ambiance, Redrock Canyon Grill offers a yummy mélange of American classics with a Southwestern flair. Start with an appetizer like the stuffed poblano, cram-jammed with rotisserie chicken and chipotle sour cream, black bean salsa and salsa verde. Perhaps it’s too hard to decide – in that case, go for the Dip Duo with generous mounds of jalapeno pimento and house-made guacamole, served with hand-cut tortilla chips. 

Some folks come for Red Rock’s signature iron skillet cornbread, a can’t-miss. A solid healthy choice is the Redrock salad with rotisserie chicken, corn, Campari tomatoes, dates, avocado, mixed nuts and champagne vinaigrette. The main event entrées include house specialties like gulf shrimp sauté with asparagus, bell peppers, pesto, Italian sausage and linguine pasta; or the barbecue pork ribs and wood-fired rotisserie chicken. A delicious brunch choice is the huevos rancheros with corn tortillas, ranchero sauce, chorizo, black beans, avocado and sunnyside up eggs. Locations statewide;