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Fostering Preparedness

Cuinton White really needed his 4-H leader beside him as he prepared to deliver a calf, but a virtual experience would have to do. “He called me and said he had a small herd of heifers, and had just found one calving,” says Justin Wagner, a Cimarron County extension agent....

Let It Fly

Build. Fly. Crash. Repeat.  That’s the motto of model aircraft hobbyists. For many, building and flying a replica airplane – or one that just goes reaaaal fast – is pure joy, and they’re looking for the next generation to join them. Luke Brown, who’s been flying for seven years and is...

A Grape Escape

A glass of wine to relax after a long day, or as a nice complement to a meal, is one of life’s simple luxuries. The wine-making process can be a fascinating learning experience at a winery or vineyard, but it’s also a fairly easy and fun pastime to make your...

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life & Style

Alluring Anadarko

.ugb-76f4ec0 > .ugb-inner-block > .ugb-block-content > .ugb-columns__item{grid-template-columns:1.54fr 0.46fr !important} In a state whose very name is a Native American phrase meaning “Red Earth,” one Oklahoma...

No Soil, No Problem

If you haven’t had the time or inclination to pick up an offbeat hobby during this very weird time, you might want to try...

Engulfed inGalveston Island

Never before has a beach destination been more welcome than this past year. COVID-19 restrictions have thrust travelers into creative domestic trips, and Galveston, Texas...

A Great Second Act

Photography by Sarah Baker Photos “If you look at the house on the outside, you would not expect what you see on the inside,” says...

Ready to Race

Oklahoma health and fitness experts weigh in on what it takes to prepare for a 26.2-mile run. Before Beginning Get evaluated: David Rhodes, an orthopedic surgeon...

The Power of Plants

House plants absorb harmful components from the air, like formaldehyde and carbon dioxide, and release oxygen. That’s a win-win for their owners – and...


Where & when

Karate, Crime and Marvel

Happy New Year! Unfortunately, January is the month where movies go to die. It’s cold, everyone is depressed because they’ve already failed their New...

Christmas Lights Galore

Activities abound to get you into the holiday spirit this month. In Tulsa, the Philbrook Festival runs through Dec. 26, with holiday lights, music and...

Exhibitions Abound

Don’t forget to plan a trip to one of Oklahoma’s premier museums this month. Ahha Tulsa offers TAC at Ahha through Dec. 19. This juried...

Adrenaline-Pumping Action

Gear up for football galore this month. You can catch the University of Tulsa at home on Dec. 5 as they take on the...

Holiday Magic Abounds

You’ll still be able to find some holiday magic on the stage this month.  Tulsa Ballet presents The Lost Nutcracker from Dec. 17-20 at Cox...

A Little of Everything

In Theaters As of this writing, it appears movie theaters are back in business, albeit at a smaller capacity and socially distanced. With that in...