The doors of museums are open to welcome visitors seeking a unique blend of culture and history. Yet, it’s not just the masterpieces within the hallowed walls that captivate patrons; it’s the treasure troves within the museum gift shops that truly make the experience unforgettable. 

These gift shops are brimming with artful wonders, captivating mementos and even some seasonal splendor. From one-of-a-kind ornaments and artisan crafts to history-inspired trinkets and timeless souvenirs, let’s take a look at what some of our local museum gift shops have to offer.

You can find everything from gems to handmade jewelry at Excavations, the gift shop inside the Sam Noble Museum on the OU Campus.
Photo courtesy Sam Noble

OKC Museum of Art
Oklahoma City

From collectible art to fun trinkets, the OKCMOA gift shop offers a variety of items for everyone. Looking for decor or gift ideas? Patrons can find Dale Chuhily fine art and merchandise including scarves, blankets, umbrellas and books. The shop also offers art prints, cocktail recipe books, holiday napkin sets and cards, mugs, handmade ornaments by UK-based-company St. Nicholas, sculptures like Betsy Enzensberger’s Crystal Clear Blue Pop and more. 

Oklahoma Contemporary
Oklahoma City

Adorable stuffed animals run the gamut of species at Tulsa Zoo’s gift shop.
Photo courtesy Tulsa Zoo

From apparel and accessories to home goods, stationary, books and kids’ items, Oklahoma Contemporary’s gift shop is the place to find one-of-a-kind wares. You can also buy unique, hand-made gifts at the Artisan Market, which celebrates local talent and provides a platform for artists to showcase their work to a diverse and appreciative audience. This year, the market will take place Dec. 7-10 in the Creative Lounge.

Science Museum Oklahoma
Oklahoma City

The Science Shop at the Oklahoma Science Museum allows shoppers to unearth the wonders of curiosity. It’s a place of scientific marvels, and invites exploration with mind-bending puzzles, educational games, along with sensory and quirky gadgets. From DIY experiment kits to awe-inspiring science-themed apparel, every item will spark the spirit of discovery. Holiday goodies include a science Advent calendar, an elf tracking kit and a super cool, science-themed coffee maker. 

Oklahoma Aquarium

Dive into the wonders of the Oklahoma Aquarium gift shop, a marine-themed haven that echoes the oceanic magic within. From playful plush sea creatures to exclusive marine-inspired jewelry and attire, it’s a treasure chest of souvenirs. Immerse yourself in aquatic allure and bring home a piece of the ocean’s enchantment.

At Crystal Bridges’ gift shop, enjoy nature-inspired pins that are as stunning as they are stylish. You can also grab a collection of turquoise jewelry – whose materials are mined at the state’s own Mona Lisa Mine.
Photos by Tom McFetridge courtesy Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Tulsa Air and Space Museum

Tulsa Air and Space Museum is just about as festive as you can get during the holidays. The store also sells NASA merchandise, plus prints signed by astronauts and aviators.
Photo courtesy Tulsa Air and Space Museum

Embark on a celestial shopping journey at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum gift shop. Brimming with aviation wonders, the TASM store offers unique gifts for aviation and aerospace fans of all ages, including official NASA merchandise, limited edition memorabilia and framed prints signed by astronauts and aviators. From model planes to cosmic apparel, find the perfect souvenir that lets imaginations soar high above the clouds. Aerospace adventure awaits. 

Gilcrease Museum

The Gilcrease Museum’s Curations store, right outside Mother Road Market, echoes the spirit of the American West. The shop unveils a collection of Western and Native American-inspired crafts, jewelry, books, puzzles, games and exclusive artist prints. From unique home decor to cultural artifacts, each piece allows visitors to carry home a piece of history.

First Americans Museum
Oklahoma City

Step into cultural richness at the First Americans Museum gift shop, known as the FAMStore. Teeming with First American heritage, it offers a curated collection of Indigenous fine art, jewelry and apparel. From traditional tribal pieces to contemporary creations, every item celebrates the diverse tapestry of native cultures and highlights several Indigenous artists. The gift shop also hosts the Winter Holiday Art Market every year to bring Indigenous artists together, offering a unique shopping experience ahead of the holidays. 

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art offers a variety of both holiday-related and just-for-fun gifts. Two offerings include The Alps coffee table book by Monacelli, as well as illustrated mugs by artist Trevor Wayne.
Photos courtesy the Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Sam Noble Museum

Dig into history and carry home a piece of the past’s mystique at the Sam Noble Museum’s Excavations store. It has everything from dinosaur-themed delights to Native American hand-crafted jewelry featuring gems such as amber and turquoise. You’ll be sure to find something for the paleontologist in your life as you sift through the interactive educational toys, books, replicas, and more. 

Oklahoma City Zoo & Tulsa Zoo
Oklahoma City and Tulsa

The items at the OKC Zoo gift shop will have an animal lover roaring with enthusiasm. Offerings range from cuddly plush creatures to safari-inspired apparel. Now through New Year’s Day, you’ll also get a voucher for one free plush of your choice from Safari Gifts when you purchase an OKC Zoo passport for 1, 2, or 4 people.
    At the Tulsa Zoo Gift Shop, 2023 is the inaugural year for the organization’s collectible ornament, which features footprints of Tulsa Zoo meerkat Shaka. Other goodies include adorable stuffed animals and the brand-new Tulsa Monopoly game.

Crystal Bridges & The Momentary
Bentonville, Ark.

Just across the border in Arkansas, you’ll find not only some holiday books and artistic delights in the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art gift shop, but also something new at The Momentary, a platform for the art, food and music of our time. The Momentary’s new gift shop is hip, vibrant and perfect for the audience that gathers there for music festivals and other cultural events. Gifts include jewelry, quartz crystals, a variety of holiday decor items and nature-inspired pins. 

Main image cutline: In Bentonville, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art has a stunning gift shop with a variety of offerings. Photo by Tom McFetridge courtesy Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

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