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Mosey Around Downtown

DevelopersMaking a Difference Two changemakers in Oklahoma’s development sector work to make downtown more liveable.  The future burns bright for Oklahoma’s two largest downtown city centers,...

Creating a Life of Sustainability

Wildlife Protection The Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma engages in many endeavors, creating opportunities for citizens and lawmakers to become more aware of conservation issues and...


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Scene April 2021

Top L-R: Jayme Fritz, Heather Duncan, Rachel Calvert; Bottom L-R: Reese Fritz, Brett Duncan; Champagne & Chocolate Fundraiser, Living Arts of TulsaBelle Rose, Madison Stombaugh; Champagne &...

Wide Open Spaces

The flat landscapes of Clinton mean lingering sunsets and a feeling of freedom. Long considered “the hub” of local communities before getting to the...

Cervical Cancer’s Threat

This year, the American Cancer Society estimates that more than 14,000 women will be diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer, and more than 4,000 women...

Prime Time in the City of Gnomes

Zurich swings to a different rhythm than most big European cities. It’s a more sophisticated beat, reflecting the city’s role as not only Switzerland’s...

A Vacation Oasis

In May of 2020, a talented design team embarked on a journey to transform a Utica Square home into a vacation haven. Mom and daughter...


food, drink, and other pleasures

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Even if you’ve been coming here for so long that all the servers know your little ways and preferences – like how you like...

A Trip Back in Time

When friends from out of town visit Oklahoma City, one of their first requests is a food tour of my favorite local restaurants. One...

Bringing the Irish to Okies

Anyone familiar with the Oklahoma City dining scene has likely heard the name Sean Cummings over the years. The chef and restaurateur, who moved...


Since opening Barkeep Supply in 2018, Julia McLish has provided liquor lovers the tools, ingredients, drinkware and accessories to create cocktails they could find...

Papa Dio’s

Considered the longest-running family-owned Italian joint in the state, Papa Dio’s is manned by three generations of staff, including current owner Candace Gideo. The...

The Lokal Yukon

For the love of all things Oklahoma, travel the legendary Route 66 to the Lokal Yukon for Okie food, wines and craft beer. Start...

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Springtime Selections

As per usual, I can’t tell if films will be opening regularly or not this month ... and I get exhausted and sad thinking...

Kites, Kennels and Chalk Wonders

As kids yearn for the freedoms of summer vacation, the state welcomes a bevy of child-centric activities to enjoy. First, kids can learn about the...

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