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Exploring the Cinematic Sphere

The Pandemic’s Effect on Small Theaters COVID-19 has been raging since March of 2020, and the entertainment business as a whole took a large hit....

Playing with Fire

The Perfect Pairings Barbecue side dishes run the gamut of deliciousness, from cornbread to pasta salad, corn on the cob and fried okra.  In the case...


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A Northern Adventure

They say timing is everything. Regarding travel planning, this saying is especially true in order to maximize a destination’s essence. Plan now for a...

Understanding ARFID

A voidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) is a relatively new diagnosis of disordered eating, says physician Amy Middleman, chief of adolescent medicine at...

Its Own Identity

Once a picturesque, quiet college town on Oklahoma City’s southern doorstep, Norman has assumed an identity of its own – and with an estimated...

Ensuring Financial Security

Living in a digital age means that most of the time, life is more convenient. Despite the ease, many don’t consider how the rise...

Scene May 2021

Stephanie Carel, Mariah Milton, Carrie Milton; 20th Anniversary Bash of Silver Leaf Gems, Downtown Edmond Business AssociationCathy Keating, Bill Anoatubby, Edie Roodman; 36th Annual...


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A Tribute to Willie and June

“After football practice, I remember running to the restaurant, grabbing a sopapilla, ripping it open and stuffing it full of meat and sauce. Then...

Kitchen 324

One of the most welcome shifts toward normalcy since COVID-19 vaccines rolled out has been the return of dining out. One of the things...

A Little Bit of Hope

In 2015, when chef Hope Egan decided to open her own full-service catering company in a small midtown-Tulsa kitchen, her life looked a lot...

Tacos x Mezcal

Authentic cuisine straight from Nayarit, Mexico, Tacos x Mezcal says it all in the name. Well, maybe not all, but tacos and tequila are...

Don Justo’s Red Tacos

One of Tulsa’s best kept secrets, Don Justo’s Red Tacos should be your next Taco Tuesday pitstop. This unassuming food truck dishes out a...

Moni’s Pasta & Pizza

Trained in classic French cuisine, chef Rachel Foster and her husband John created Moni’s Pasta & Pizza, providing unforgettable meals. Start yours with mushrooms...

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Hot Picks for May

We’ve almost hit the halfway point of 2021, which is weird to think about. The film industry as a whole is still suffering, but...

Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Oh My!

Tulsa bustles with sports activities this month. The Oklahoma Pinto Horse Association Wildflower Classic runs May 1-2 at Expo Square, celebrating 62 years of...

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