‘All the World’s a Stage’

“I was always drawn to acting in school,” says Presley, whose latest film, The Great Alaskan Race, premiered in October. “I was fortunate [because] I’d leave football practice and go to musical practice. It’s a different platform but still a platform for performance.”

Getting Festive Across the State

Planning and teamwork Oklahomans work diligently well before the holidays to ensure festive activities and performances abound.

Great Companies to Work For

What makes a company appealing to potential employees depends on who...

Caring for Your Animals

The pulse of your Pet’s health Veterinarians say medical advancements extend their patients’ lives

Chefs’ Choices

Finding the Right Ambiance

Equipment is essential to a kitchen’s success. At the center island, loved ones watch the cook craft...

Head-to-Toe Health

Brain and Mental Health 1 Generational anxiety According to a study published by the American...

A Case for Field Hockey

Casady junior Cate Richardson fires a pass upfield. Fall athletics in...

An Oklahoma Vision for 2049

A giant airport for conventional and hypersonic jets. A station for bullet trains or hyperloop pods. Launch pads for satellite delivery and space tourists. Stands for sky...

Fall Festival Preview

Greek Festival Sept. 19-22 – Tulsa Give a rousing Opa for the return of this annual cultural celebration. Draw No. 1? The food. Try Greek grub,...