Most of us have fond childhood memories of baking

Photos by Josh New

Christmas cookies. Mixing the batter, peering into the oven, waiting for the cookies to be done, that delicious smell throughout the house – and then the decorating! All of these cherished activities bring the holidays home for many people.

That sense of nostalgia often sends people on a search for the perfect Christmas cookie recipe – one they can bake with their own kids not only this year, but for years to come, leading to a lifetime family tradition to be shared and passed down through generations. 

There is no shortage of cookie recipes; a quick internet search yields results for nearly every kind of holiday cookie imaginable. No matter what your skill level in the kitchen, you can find a cookie recipe that works for you, and for all the little bakers in your house.

If baking and decorating cookies isn’t your thing, however, don’t despair. These days, finding beautifully crafted, homemade-delicious cookies available for purchase is simple. Gourmet cookies – like the ones featured here from Tulsa’s own Merritt’s Bakery – add an elegant touch to most holiday get-togethers.

Whether you bake them yourself or place an order at a bakery, creating a delicious holiday cookie tradition is a fun and easy way to make wonderful memories with your loved ones. 

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