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Chengdu Restaurant 

There were two families, newly arrived here from China. One came from Sichuan, a remote and verdant land of rivers and mountains that joins Tibet to central China – a land whose fiery, complex flavor-packed cuisine is famous worldwide. The other was from Fujian, that outward-looking coastal province of seafarers and traders. The families met in America and decided...

Tao Cha Cafe

Nestled in Edmond, Tao Cha Café is a quick and delicious stop for Asian fusion, including Cantonese, Chinese, Szechuan and Taiwanese dishes, along with drinks including boba tea, coffee and smoothies. Start your meal with Tao’s popcorn chicken, a spring roll, steamed or fried dumplings, fried cheese wontons or go sweet with sugar bread or churros. Soup choices are...