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1958 Kodachrome : Interpreted

Watercolor by artist Whit Todd
Watercolor by artist Whit Todd

Friday, Feb. 6-28  

Lydai Beede Todd, born April 9, 1904, became an artist after being told a woman couldn’t become an architect. Whit Todd, her grandson, became an architect after being told artists don’t make a lot of money. In 1958, before Whit was even born, Lydai ventured through Mexico with Whit’s grandfather, documenting their trip using Kodachrome slides. After they passed away in 1966 and ’74, those same slides found their way into Whit’s hands. He became fascinated with the slides and intrigued to understand the artistry behind each one: what in each image was she trying to capture? This exhibit examines those slides, and that journey to Mexico, through Whit’s drawings and watercolor depictions of them. Opening Friday, Feb. 6, 1958 Kodachrome : Interpreted runs through Feb. 28 at Tulsa Artists’ Coalition Gallery, 9 East M.B. Brady, Tulsa. For more information, visit www.tacgallery.org.