In college sports, football and basketball claim almost all the attention. To a lesser degree, baseball, softball and volleyball get some play, but wrestling, a sport that goes back thousands of years, rarely gets the notice its fans think deserving. When the 2014 NCAA Wrestling Championships get underway at the Chesapeake Energy Arena, 100 W. Reno Ave., this month, all eyes in the region will be on this great sport of the Olympiad. Oklahoma has a great regard for wrestling. According to the Oklahoma City All Sports Association, which is hosting the championship, Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma have 40 national team championships, 200 individual championships, 700 All-American and 70 conference titles between them. With that reputation and a home field advantage, look for both teams to excel. The championships take place Thursday, March 20-Saturday, March 22. Tickets start at $138. For more, visit

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