Two men, one idea. Thirty things, 30 photos, 30 days and 30 photographers.

That’s the concept behind 30 Days 30 Photos, a project devised by Mike Jones, owner and creative director at Scissortail Creative, and Kyle Golding, chief strategic idealist of The Golding Group.

30 Days 30 Photos follows the success of 5 Commercials 5 Days, a public service project that created five commercials in five days for five Oklahoma City nonprofit organizations. The project resulted in more than $50,000 worth of services donated and netted Scissortail Creative the national 2011 Communitas Award for excellence in community service and social responsibility.

The mission of 30 Days 30 Photos is to define Oklahoma in 30 days with 30 unique photos by 30 Oklahoma photographers.

“In September, we asked the community a simple question: ‘What exciting and important changes are happening in Oklahoma this year?’ The community responded with a wide variety of ideas, from people and places to events and businesses,” says Jones. “From that response we generated a list of 50. The following week we allowed the community to vote on those items and their importance to Oklahoma. After thousands of votes, we ended up with a list of 30 items, people, places, ideas, companies and experiences that define 2012 in Oklahoma.”

List in hand, the duo sought out 30 of Oklahoma’s top photographers to capture an image that would illustrate each item on the list. “We sought out 30 of Oklahoma’s best photographers, from those who have just started their career to seasoned commercial photographers to artists who use the camera as their paint brush and Oklahoma as their canvas,” says Jones.

Oklahoma Magazine is proud to present 30 Days 30 Photos. Thirty perspectives through 30 lenses reflecting on one year in Oklahoma.

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