During the height of the pandemic, Edmond native Hannah Barnthouse used vintage jewelry to make hair clips and headbands at her kitchen table. She says the accessories looked like candies in her hair.

When she initially wore her creations, friends and strangers alike approached Barnthouse with interest. This was the impetus of her new career – she subsequently launched Hair Candy By Han (HCBH).

“I quickly found community,” she says. “And gems created a family and a safe place for me and my customers during a very tumultuous and unsettling time. This was an escape for all of us.”

As she mined her inner sparkle and produced more jewelry, there was an uptick in demand. So she moved from her kitchen into an Edmond fulfillment warehouse, using both Instagram and her website to sell glimmering creations. 

The public took notice, and fast. In fact, while scrolling through her Instagram account, Barnthouse was surprised to find a message from celebrity Paris Hilton. Barnthouse and Hilton communicated back and forth, and Hilton eventually placed an order. The socialite even posted several photos of herself with Barnthouse’s jewelry on her feed. 

Barnthouse isn’t slowing down with her bling. In fact, she says, “we would love to see our gems on Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian.”

Every HCBH creation is eye-catching and versatile, meant to be worn dressed up or dressed down, layered, or as standalone pieces. HCBH uses a plethora of colorful glass Swarovski gems, imported from Wattens, Austria.

Of all the brand’s products, the best selling piece is the trademarked Rainbow Earring design – specifically the classic pearl rainbows. The earring styles come in numerous sizes including mini, midi, specialty, regular, baby jumbo short, baby jumbo long, jumbo short, and jumbo long.

The Statement Bracelet is designed to make a fashion splash in the most versatile yet elevated way possible – and it seamlessly matches the OG Rainbow Necklace.

The line is ever-growing and even includes gem-enhanced clothing, sunglasses and ear cuffs. The hair accessories are known as hair candy or “Skittles.” And for game day customized earrings, customers can choose their team colors. HCBH works to make sporting seasons chic.

“The details and the art are conversation starters,” says Barnthouse. “And it genuinely makes me happy.” 

With a brick and mortar store set to open in June, Barnthouse has a lot to look forward to.

“My storefront will be an extension of the brand and should feel like a hug, and look like you’ve walked into a jewelry box,” she says. “You can expect life-size gems, sparkles like never before seen, and the aesthetic of your wildest dreams. My hope is it’s the catalyst to many stores to come!”

Photo by Allyson Bias Photography

Sparkly Origins

Barnthouse collected vintage jewelry for years with her mom, who is an antique dealer. The mother-daughter treasure hunts were a big part of Barnthouse’s childhood – and have continued into her adult years.

“I remember my mom always encouraged me to dress how I wanted, and it quickly became a form of self expression for me as a child, adult, and now in my career path,” says Barnthouse. “My inspiration comes from the beauty around me, primarily from vintage fashion, but also historic eras, flower arrangements and even art. It’s always my goal to help people sparkle on the outside, but more importantly on the inside as well.”

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