FlyTulsa offers everything from sky tours to East egg drops, outdoor festivals and gender reveals. Photo courtesy FlyTulsa

Oklahoma’s legendary sunsets are a spectacle, painting the horizon with hues of gold, purple and crimson that linger in the memory. Now picture yourself witnessing this natural wonder from the unique vantage point of a helicopter cockpit, where the vast expanse of Oklahoma sky becomes your canvas.

SkyTours Hochatown and FlyTulsa Helicopters are just the ticket to see the colors of the sun like never before – along with other stunning views. 

SkyTours operates a Robinson R44 helicopter equipped with advanced safety features to ensure a secure and thrilling adventure, says manager Colby Dye.

“Our streamlined process begins with a comprehensive safety briefing led by experienced staff members,” he says. “Guests are provided with headphones for clear communication and the opportunity to ask questions during their flight.”

At SkyTours Hochatown, flight times range from 3-minute adventures to 30-minute journeys, all at reasonable prices. Photo courtesy SkyTours

Nestled in southeast Oklahoma, Hochatown boasts stunning natural vistas, including Broken Bow Lake, the Mountain Fork River and Beavers Bend State Park. 

“These scenic locations offer a plethora of activities, from helicopter tours to zip-lining and fishing excursions,” says Dye. “We offer a range of flight options, starting from a 3-minute adventure priced at $45 per person to a 30-minute journey beginning at $299 per person. Our commitment to affordability and inclusivity ensures that everyone can share in the joy of aviation.”

But the experience doesn’t end when the flight touches down. 

“After an exhilarating flight, guests have the opportunity to leave their mark on our hangar walls, commemorating their unforgettable experience alongside fellow adventurers,” says Dye.

At FlyTulsa Helicopters, you’ll experience something similar; the pilots also fly Robinson R44 helicopters, which have capacity for three passengers and the pilot, says Becky Woodward, the company’s location manager. 

“Everyone gets a large window, so it’s great for tours, and we can take the doors off if we want,” she says. “We do everything from flight training to the perfect date night flight. We also do Easter egg drops, corporate events, outdoor festivals, gender reveals. You name it, we can probably do it.”

Woodward mentions that the company wants to make flying as accessible as possible to Oklahomans. 

“Passengers of all ages and abilities can fly with us,” she says. “We have flown two-day old twins and a 101 year old grandma on a trip.” 

She mentions that passengers do not need to bring anything special for a flight, except a phone for photos. The team will always ensure you have ample opportunities to get the perfect shot.

“The Metro Tour is one of our most popular 24-mile flights,” says Woodward. “It takes you north along the Arkansas River and into downtown Tulsa. After a loop through downtown, you’ll travel south and get excellent views including the Gathering Place, Oral Roberts University, the River Spirit Casino and the Aquarium.”

Passenger Safety Tips

  • Remove any loose items from your person and pockets before boarding the helicopter.
  • Never approach a helicopter without a pilot’s permission to do so – especially if the engine and rotors are on. 
  • Approach and exit the helicopter from the front or side, never outside of the pilot’s line of vision.
  • Keep your seatbelt firmly fastened at all times.
  • Do not open helicopter doors unless instructed to do so by your pilot.

Source: Federal Aviation Administration 

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