Store Manager Holden Stoner shows off a bacon-wrapped meatloaf at The Meat House. Photos by Brent Fuchs

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you focused only on this one spot and ignored all the hustle and bustle at the corner of Santa Fe Avenue and Danforth Road in Edmond, you could swear you were in easier times – free of corporate grocery stores – and back to a simpler, local, special way of procuring sustenance.

This is a giant foodie welcome to The Meat House.

Through the double doors of the joint, you walk on wood-planked floors (laid out on the bias) straight to a tall, bright, shiny, refrigerated case, lined with bowls of delectable, homemade specialty salads. Platters of in-house smoked brisket and ribs, pastrami and even blocks of smoked cream cheese await you. Whole smoked chickens, grilled chicken breasts and smoked salmon are not to be left out.

The big standout is a seven-cheese mac ’n’ cheese, cut into portions the size of bricks.

You can pick and choose items to be packaged up and taken home for dinner … or stop in for lunch to nosh sandwiches, aged cheese and all the fixings.

Wandering past the deli case leads you to the butcher block. Choice cuts of beef come first – anything from giant tomahawk beef ribeyes, sirloin steaks and filets to prime, marbled cuts of the same kind. The Meat House takes great pride in its homemade marinades and rubs; customers vie to snag a pound (or five) of marinated beef tips to grill at home.

Customers find fresh meats of all kinds at the Edmond Meat House.

And it’s not just beef. Homemade sausages and bacon-lattice meatloaf are sure to cause a glorious onset of “meat-sweats.” Pork of all styles and cuts abounds, as well as chicken, from whole to quartered to drumsticks. Some lamb, some veal and some seafood can be ordered to your liking. If it once had a face, The Meat House can do its darnedest to find it for your next cooking adventure.

Chefs, caterers and food service professionals, listen up: The Meat House is not just for home cooks. For those last-minute requests, The Meat House is happy to cut your orders à la minute, and the staff even has access to quail, duck, venison, elk and alligator. This joint is a dream come true for always-creative food professionals and adventurous home cooks.

The Meat House also sells non-meat products. Since it strives to be as local as possible, one can find fresh, unpasteurized milk from the Marak Family Farm in Meeker and cheese from Lovera’s Caciocavera in Krebs. Fresh eggs from Oklahoma farms and even brews from Coop Ale Works and Rough Tail Brew are available.

When it comes to pantry and baked goods, fresh homemade desserts from Oklahoma City’s Ingrid’s Bakery and La Baguette are the perfect finale to any home-grilled meal. Also find special olive oils and vinegars, coffee from Eote (a local company), pepper jelly, pumpkin butter, and a host of local and national artisanal condiments. Your next house dinner party could be the talk of the town.

The Meat House scales down the hunt-and-forage for today’s knowledgeable chef. It is a welcome art form.

The Meat House offers several types of homemade sausage.
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