Choosing natural stone is more cost effective than ever. The longevity and unique quality of stone give consumers that sense of authenticity they are looking for, as well as add value to their home.

“You cannot duplicate the beauty of natural stone. You can never really capture all the nuances of natural stone in everything from pattern to texture. It’s unique,” says Kevin Dunaway of Emser Tile and Natural Stone in Tulsa.

The most popular stone, according to Dunaway, is travertine, which comes in shades ranging from very light off-white to rich beige hues.

The distinctive veining creates an added design element that sets it apart but allows it to blend with nearly every décor. Treatments and sealants give the stone a varied look. This is most often used in higher traffic areas because of its durability.

Slate’s stain- and slip-resistant quality also make it a popular choice for high traffic areas in the home. It comes in a cool color palette and is offered in smooth and rough finishes. This stone is ideal for practically every space.

Nearly indestructible, granite is a staple on counters and backsplashes. Its resilience makes it a nice choice for flooring as well. Affordability and its stain resistant nature make granite a great investment for nearly any home.

Limestone is another widely used option. It’s best not to use in this high-traffic areas because it can get scuffed more easily than other stones. The range of pale earth tones gives the space a calming effect.

For a formal touch, there’s no better choice than marble. It comes in the widest array of colors, including white and gray, pink, green and brown hues.

Stone requires specific care and, at times, repair. Tom McCarver of Mill Creek Tile in Tulsa explains that there is no set pattern to figuring out repairs.

“No flooring material is necessarily more likely to break than another,” McCarver says of the fact that it’s not common to one stone or another.

Upkeep is part of adding natural stone to a home. At least once a year stone will need to be resealed. Discoloration is also something to be careful of, but can be avoided with proper treatment of the stone surface, says McCarver.
For consumers looking to add value to their home and build something that lasts, stone is a natural choice.

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