Oklahomans may be looking for a new hobby to take on this summer, and one possibility that is both entertaining and has a very low cost for entry is disc golf. For less than $25, a disc golf player can get started with one or two discs for practice. Even better, any open outdoor area can be the ideal spot to perfect your throws. 

How It Works

Disc golf is played in much the same way as traditional golf. The goal of disc golf is to land a disc in the goal or basket with the fewest amount of throws possible.  Each “hole” has a “tee-off area” as a starting point, and when the two-meter rule is in effect, players receive a penalty stroke if their disc lands two meters above the ground while still in-bounds. This typically occurs on wooded disc golf courses where the disc lands in a tree. Most courses are either nine or 18 holes, and most courses are free to play.

More experienced players may carry a putter, midrange and driver – and some carry anywhere from 15-25 discs during a golf round with a mix of all different styles of discs. Players will carry their discs with either a backpack or, in some cases, they will use a disc golf cart.

Not a Frisbee

A golf disc is not the same as a Frisbee – it is not designed to be caught by human hands, is only 21.2 centimeters in diameter, 1.6 centimeters high and designed to be thrown around 350 to 400 feet. The world record for distance with a golf disc is around 1,100 feet. A Frisbee, on the other hand, is designed to travel 50 to 100 feet and measures 27.4 centimeters in diameter, with a height of 3.2 centimeters. 

Disc golf is often confused with ultimate Frisbee, but the two sports are very different. In “ultimate,” there is only one general disc used. An ultimate Frisbee is a large diameter disc that weighs in at 175 grams, while the object used in disc golf can range from 150 to 180 grams. Due to its smaller size, it’s a denser form of plastic.

Getting Involved

There are over 150 disc golf courses in Oklahoma, with some locations offering multiple course configurations and options. There are seven courses in the Oklahoma City metro and 22 courses in the Tulsa metro. 

Locations are ranked and graded on discgolfscene.com. Tulsa’s busiest course is known as “Bear’s Lair” and is located at the top of Chandler Park, and one of the top rated courses in the state is at The Lodge at Taylor Ranch (Moccasin Creek) in Pawhuska.

There are groups that sponsor competitions and work to expand disc golf awareness and course options in Oklahoma. In Tulsa, the Tulsa Disc Sports Association serves the disc golf community and works in conjunction with the Tulsa City and County Parks Departments, other local clubs and volunteers. The association installs, maintains and improves disc golf courses and has been in operation since the 1970’s.  

In Oklahoma City, the OKC Disc Golf Association does similar work and hosts an annual event in August. The gathering, called “Okie Dubs,” is held on the 12th and 13th and is one of the bigger “doubles” style events in the state, according to Mark Larsen, vice president of the OKCDGA. Okie Dubs usually brings anywhere between 280-300 players. 

Main image cutline: The Oklahoma City Disc Golf Association hosts the Okie Dubs tournament in August, which typically welcomes nearly 300 players to the metro. Photo courtesy the OKCDGA

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