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An Entertainer’s Paradise

Tulsa construction guru David Trebilcock brings an ‘80s home into the 21st century with sleek amenities perfect for parties.

A 1980s home in Tulsa’s Maple Ridge neighborhood has shed its original character to become a modern residence with abundant amenities.

Upon first impressions, the 5,000-square-foot, two-story home still seems traditional, but its interior has an updated, sophisticated look. Simplicity was the key to this stunning renovation.

David Trebilcock, the face behind this project, has been a fixture in Tulsa’s construction business for decades.

“We opened it up,” he says of this once-confined home.

The main living area, now spare and streamlined, includes a small fireplace and a large television facing the sofa. Glass shelves on either side of the fireplace hold delicate treasures, accenting the orange notes that add sparks of bright color in a neutral-colored space.

The staircase, an attractive asset in the dining area, boasts an eye-catching railing with custom-made character. Three large windows in this room overlook the front lawn and bring a touch of nature inside.

The main family room received a much-needed face-lift. This area, near the indoor entertaining area, includes a spacious bar and a wall-sized wine rack with a sommelier’s range of choices. A brick wall adds contrasting textural interest in this sprawling area. The wine cellar, near the back patio, reflects the family’s taste for collecting, serving and savoring a variety of vintages to match any guest’s tastes.

Particularly important in this upscale project was renovating the kitchen. Creating a large center island with a sink was the first step toward the revival of this space. Other upgrades include appliances, ample storage spaces concealed by floor-to-ceiling doors, and windows above the counter sink that provide a view of the neighborhood. The kitchen brings charm and function to the home. Globe pendant lights add a funky yet classic touch to the scene. This area, opening to the back patio and lawn, provides an easy path for entertaining.

The back lawn and rectangular pool constructed by Tulsa’s Pool Creations may be considered the crown jewels of this makeover. Pool Creations owner Jeff Landburg removed the old pool and designed and built the new one, with a small side area for two people complete with in-the-water seating. He is pleased with the cohesion of the final product.

“It creates a complete backyard environment that can be enjoyed year-round and for many years,” he says.

The covered patio, with ample seating and weather-friendly furnishings, is ideal for poolside parties. The outdoor kitchen and covered dining area make entertaining guests easy. The final touch to the backyard is extensive landscaping, which adds privacy and beauty to this idyllic setting.