Photo courtesy Oklahoma City Zoo.
Pearl, a California sea lion, paints with Jennifer Gaddy and Heather Down, marine mammal supervisor at the Oklahoma City Zoo. Photo by Ashley Griffith, courtesy Oklahoma City Zoo.

Opens Friday, Aug. 1

The artists whose works will go up in the annual Art Gone Wild exhibition have few words to say. Instead, the animals of Oklahoma City Zoo let their art speak for them. Art Gone Wild opens Friday, Aug. 1, at the a.k.a. gallery, 3001 Paseo St., in the Paseo Arts District of Oklahoma City. Tortoises, sea lions, elephants, flamingos, chimpanzees, cheetahs and grizzly bears are among the animals represented in this show. Using nontoxic paints and canvas, zookeepers help the animals “paint” with their snouts, fins, paws, flippers and hooves. And if that image wasn’t adorable enough, the artwork is on exhibition and for sale at the gallery through Aug. 31. Art Gone Wild benefits zoo conservation and enrichment programs. For more information or to purchase a piece, call 405.425.0262. Pieces can also be viewed online at

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