What are some of the flower trends you’re seeing for weddings?
It’s really anything goes. Brides these days are very knowledgeable and know what they like. We’ve designed flower arrangements inspired by a peacock feather. Most times brides will have a palette and that often determines which direction we go.

Does season make a difference in selecting flowers?
There are so many options available, so while it may cost a little more, what is out of season here can often be brought in from somewhere else. I would say that spring is when you’ll have the widest selection, but again, rarely is anything impossible to get. 

What are some of the most popular flowers?
Roses are great because they come in a wide array of colors. Hydrangeas and peonies are always a favorite. Recently, we did a wedding with mostly succulents.

With the trend of weddings being personalized by the couple, are there more green or local options available?
Today’s brides are definitely conscientious buyers. When we work with brides that want local options, we have a great grower at Bear Creek Farms where we can get a selection of organic, locally grown flowers like sun flowers and hot house options like freesia and anemones.

What should couples keep in mind when selecting the flowers for their big day?
The main thing is to keep in mind what is most important to them. For instance, things like scent and how the flowers will appear in photos can make a difference on the big day.

How far in advance should couples plan for their flowers?
It all depends on the couple. The chief benefit is in the luxury of having time to weigh your options and find a designer you really click with to create your vision.

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