Photo courtesy Big Biang Theory

A play on the leading explanation of how the universe was formed and some delicious Chinese noodles, the Big Biang Theory is an OKC hot spot located in the trendy, up-and-coming Film Row district. A glance at the menu will have you torn between a variety of options.

To start, shareables include chipotle garlic shrimp, fried mushrooms and one way fried chicken – thighs fried in a light batter, sauced and topped with jalapenos, sesame seeds and lemon zest. For a more filling starter, try the goku steak, served rare, sliced up and glazed with a sprinkle of garlic and scallions. Other starter items include jalapeno chicken egg rolls and a harvest blend salad.

The namesake dishes include three iterations, starting with the spicy chicken curry – complete with noodles in a coconut curry sauce, marinated with bamboo and peppers with red cabbage, corn and spicy chicken. The traditional option offers biang biang noodles, black vinegar soy sauce, garlic, scallions and gochuaru. The final is the cumin braised beef, with noodles, beef, fried garlic, scallions and chili oil drizzle. 

Wash down all these goodies with a variety of drink options. For the beer lover, Big Biang offers Japanese, Thai and Lao lagers, as well as IPAs. You can also opt for mimosas, white and red wines, or a craft cocktail. Standouts include the Dream Theory, with rum, orange cream, bourbon cream and orange zest; the Buckin Mule, with mezcal, Thai basil syrup, ginger beer and lime; or the Biangin’ Old Fashioned, with Ume plum whisky, toasted caramel and bitters.

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