Order the guacamole. Everyone does. It’s prepared tableside, and it’s fun to watch diners scramble to take photos as the chef deftly peels glistening avocados, squeezes limes, throws in cilantro and onion and, on request, jalapeno, and blends it all together in a traditional basalt mortars called molcajetes. You might follow the sprightly guac with an order of pollo relleno, a “sandwich” composed of thin slices of grilled chicken with a filling of corn, minced zucchini and mushrooms atop a bed of black beans, all adrift in a lake of a roasted tomato chipotle sauce. By now you’ve realized that Bravos is not your average Mexican restaurant. It offers a sophisticated take on Mexican cuisine infused with classical French and Spanish techniques. Other dishes follow this trend: chicken topped with a creamy spinach-bacon sauce, rib eye with a dollop of brown sauce accented by red wine and mushrooms. Or, you can follow a more traditional route and opt for burritos, enchiladas and fajitas. Either way, you’re getting gourmet food for cafeteria prices. 4532 E. 51st St., Tulsa. www.bravosmexicangroup.com

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