Some artists have their niches nailed down from the get-go. Then there are others – no less confident in their styles – that are hard-wired to unintentionally defy the constraints of any one niche’s boundaries.

Adventurous, eclectic and soulful, Tulsa’s Tina Rose is indeed one of those singer/songwriters who refuses to be married to a genre, with a sound that has been described as concise yet indefinable without being disorganized or scattered.

From rock and soul to hip-hop, electronica and beyond, she doesn’t shy away from anything, and trying to select one word to sum up her style just wouldn’t be accurate.

“How would I define my sound? That’s a question often asked, seldom straight forwardly answered,” she says.

“That’s the first thing people ask when they talk to me and find out I’m recording an album. ‘What kind of music do you do?’ And it’s like ‘Um…’ because it really varies from one song to the next. And that’s how I like it.”

“I think it’s our personalities and ability to communicate with one another, even though we have very different styles”

Currently recording her first official compilation album at the legendary studio her father, Leon Russell, brought to life – The Church, in Tulsa – Rose is working with Grammy-award winning producer and composer Alex Chiger, who has worked with artists such as Usher and Kelly Clarkson.

After meeting with other producers throughout her years on the Oklahoma music scene, she says that Chiger is the perfect fit for helping fully capture her sound and realize her vision.

“I think it’s our personalities and ability to communicate with one another, even though we have very different styles. He can really interpret what I’m trying to do,” she explains.

“That was one of the problems I’ve had working with other people. They were so quick to want to put my music into one box and keep it there. Everyone wanted to stick me into one kind of genre, but I need the freedom to go lots of different directions.”

The energy coming from her collaboration with Chiger is already creating a lot of buzz and excitement, with famed Michael Jackson sound engineer Bruce Swedien and Philly’s DJ Jazzy Jeff already showing interest in contributing to the album.

Anticipated to be released later this year, Rose’s collection of unique and original songs will undoubtedly show listeners just what can happen when an artist is allowed to follow her creative muse wherever the wind might carry her.

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