Specialty coffee drinks are a great addition to any breakfast at Café Kacao. photo by Brent Fuchs.
Specialty coffee drinks are a great addition to any breakfast at Café Kacao. Photo by Brent Fuchs.

A lazy weekend day calls for a luxurious breakfast, and there is none better in Oklahoma City than Café Kacao. Platters holding both sweet and savory treats are accompanied with strong coffee and a casual atmosphere.

Café Kacao, a converted fast food restaurant, looks nondescript to passers-by on Classen Boulevard. However, step inside the restaurant on a weekend morning, and you’re greeted with cheerful servers, throngs of diners and the smell of sweet and spicy foods being lovingly – and expertly – prepared. Huevos rancheros are topped with spicy ranchero sauce and a dollop of sour cream. Spicy omelets come with fresh tortillas, potatoes and black beans. Pancakes and French toast smothered in sweet chocolate and topped with freshly sliced strawberries and confectioners’ sugar are a favorite. Potatoes are colored an orange-red hue from the chorizo they are fried with and make a suitable accompaniment to any breakfast entrée. Horchata smoothies and specialty coffees, including a Mexican cold brew infused with cinnamon, almond and vanilla, are popular choices to soothe the palate after a taste of Café Kacao’s spicy flavors. 3325 N. Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City. 405.602.2883

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