Photo by Valerie Wei-Haas

“Don’t be a chicken – eat like a wolf.” That’s the motto of the Tulsa-based restaurant Chicken and the Wolf, which offers its diners all things poultry. You may be wondering why the joint discourages diners from being chickens themselves. Well … their dishes can be hot – so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Heat levels range from the original, x-mild and mild to medium, hot and x-hot. But the question remains: Can you handle the heat? (This writer sure can’t!) Popular menu items include chicken tender baskets and sandwiches like the OG, the Nashville and the Clucker, which all come with variations of fried chicken, lettuce, slaw, pickles and housemade sauce. Also delicious are the chicken fries, chicken salads, boozy slushies and cold beer. And if you’ve sworn off meat, vegan options abound – all with the same kick. 

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