If you think all catfish is greasy and heavy, then a visit to the Catfish Connection in Edmond will change your mind. This local eatery is changing people’s perceptions of catfish with its light and clean-tasting creations.

Co-owner Mario Avila never thought he’d dive into the restaurant business, let alone open a new spot specializing in catfish – something that made him think of “a dirty kind of fish” growing up. But after seeing lines out the door at Catfish Connection’s original Dallas location, his curiosity was piqued. There, he found not just the best catfish he ever had, but some of the best fish he ever had. Avila and his business partner opened their own version in Edmond the summer of 2022 – with all the original recipes from Dallas’ prior success. 

Here, you’ll be served some of the lightest and flakiest catfish filets, seasoned in the original or nitro/spicy (think more seasoned versus spicy hot), fried to perfection. Using a light oil, the catfish remains light and flavorful.

In addition to delicious filets, try the bone-in whole fish for the full flavor experience. To complete your meal, sink your teeth into housemade boudin balls stuffed with cheese, grab a plate of wings, or enjoy sides like hush puppies, coleslaw and okra. To top it off, the restaurant makes its own delightful tartar/remoulade sauce. Next time you crave some catfish, look no further than Catfish Connection to get your Southern fix. 2000 S. Broadway, Edmond

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