Toni’s Flowers and Gifts 

A purveyor of posies, plants and everything in between for 38 years, Toni’s Flowers and Gifts continues to dazzle.

“We flow with the seasons and are doing 60 to 70 deliveries a day for congratulations, birthdays and more,” says owner Toni Garner.

Scented candles are available from the renowned home fragrance line Voluspa in a variety seasonal scents, and both fall and winter holidays are covered.

“As people are getting together, we have the items to trim the table and pumpkins in white, green and terra cotta – not just bright orange, for example. Many people like the more neutral and white palates, so we always do that, too. And for Christmas, by the second Sunday of November we have all of the Christmas goodies out, as many folks like to decorate early, and the transition of Thanksgiving goes right into Christmas.”

Giving and collecting live plants is “for sure very popular, as people like to care for things in their home, to have something living, so we have so much foliage and pretty blooming plants,” says Garner. “There will be paperwhites and amaryllis that people love to watch bloom. Of course, there will be Christmas cactus and poinsettias. Huge right now are Phalaenopsis and Vanda orchids.”

Utica Square Skin Care 

Utica Square Skin Care has been busy helping people re-condition their skin after a very hot summer, along with getting ready for the colder holidays, says owner Karen Weidner, RN. 

She’s also excited to add a new member to the team, aesthetician Virginia Vidacak, who “has brought to us her expertise in meeting aesthetic needs with her special style and knowledge of treatment modalities to achieve the best skin possible.”

Skin care is greatly enhanced by science, says Weidner.

“Our BBL Hero technology is the world’s most powerful IPL device – intense pulsed light – on the market, and sets new standards in treating skin conditions associated with aging, active lifestyles and sun damage. We also have some new products to address pigmentation issues, fine lines and wrinkles.”

The firm uses the pigmentation system from VI DERM – makers of the VI Peel, as well as NEOVA’S Complex HQ. The neurotoxin extender utilized is Revision’s Revox Line Relaxer. 

“My new favorite is one that works synergistically with neuromodulators to optimize results, but also has clinically-proven benefits on its own,” says Weidner. “As always, we keep up with new techniques in administering fillers and neurotoxins to offer the best results possible.”

Adorn Designs 

The holidays – all of them – are celebrated in the form of holiday interior design and décor at Adorn Designs. Owner Whitney Eslicker is among the largest retailers in the country of the Glitterville handmade papier-mâché creations, and her store also carries hand-painted collectibles, glassware and seasonal décor. 

Lines featured at Adorn include indoor/outdoor metal works from The Round Top Collection out of Texas, and the handmade storybook figurines of Lori Mitchell, with a seasonal focus on The Nutcracker series.  

“Year round, not just for Christmas, we carry the Forever Gingerbread houses, handmade in Florida by Sweet Savannah, and there are collector pieces for every holiday,” says Eslicker. “They look pretty enough to eat.”

Adorn is both a décor design firm and a retail shop. During every holiday season, several trees are set up with different color schemes, including pastel, traditional and whimsical.

“We try to appeal to as many genres of décor as we can, because everyone is different,” says Eslicker. “Gift wrapping is always free and we just love to wrap gifts; we take our bows seriously. For items $50 and above, doorstep delivery is free within a ten mile radius. We ship out all over the world from both in-person and online clients.”

Richard Neel Interiors

Owner Lance Cheney and his talented staff are quite busy handling full service interior design work at the brick and mortar storefront of Richard Neel Interiors.

Last year’s pandemic caused a bottleneck on receiving new treasures, but now shipment is flowing and treasures abound.

“We stock a large inventory of home accessories, lighting, both table lamps and fixtures, ready-to-hang art, pillows, bowls, pottery and glassware, as well as custom made furniture, upholstery, and case goods like tables and cabinets,” says Cheney. “We also sell fabric by the yard and can custom design and produce pillows, bedding and window treatments. We keep so much inventory in-stock, we are able to service our design clients, walk-in customers, as well as many other designers who come to us to finish and/or accessorize their own projects.”

Brand names carried include Vanguard, American Leather, Visual Comfort, Hickory Chair Furniture Co., and Made Goods.

Cheney and his team operate with the end goal of giving clients exactly what they’re looking for.

“We see ourselves as ‘style’ coaches, here to help you find your design style,” he says. “We have one of Tulsa’s largest selections of home furnishings, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we have the resources to custom-make your design.”

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