Treats scent the air and beckon in a yummy array at Cinnaholic Tulsa, where you’ll find a changing seasonal menu along with a choice of classic favorites like the fresh baked cinnamon confection with vanilla frosting, the Old Skool Roll. Or, you can dress up your roll with embellishments of frostings like crème brule, peanut butter, coffee, marshmallow, strawberry, cheesecake, banana and more. Other toppings include cinnadoodle cookie bites, coffee dust, fruit pie filling, caramel, nuts, pretzels and berries. Also with an array of choices is the option of a scoop of adorned cookie dough. Brownies, cookies and a gluten free confection are among other menu highlights. Gift options include take-and-make cookie kits, party trays, cookie cakes and other house specialties. 7380 S. Olympia Ave., Tulsa;

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