When she moved into a Midtown condo, this long-time Tulsa resident had the vision of seamlessly blending a Country French style with the more modern feel of the condo setting, and she knew exactly who could help her.

“We gave the entire place a facelift and put her stamp of design on it as well,” says Tulsa-based interior designer Charles Faudree of his work with the owner.

In the redesign, the entire space was changed in color to feature signature tones of the style, such as blues and reds in varying shades.

Every room in the home received a complete reworking in color and style. While vibrant reds are used in the main space, soothing blues and whites are utilized in the master and guest suites.

Extensive work was also done in the complete overhaul of the kitchen. The space features all new granite counter-tops, hardwood flooring and cabinetry.

“He can do anything,” the owner says of Faudree’s many talents.

One of the main goals in achieving the blend of two styles – Country French with a big city air – was also to create a space unique to the owner. To that end, bold choices were made in the main living area, which includes the sitting and dining rooms. A vibrant oriental wallpaper with shades of geranium, pinks and salmon serves as quite the conversation piece in the living area.

“Charles warned me I might get tired of it because it’s bright red,” the owner says, “but I haven’t yet.”

A Coromandel screen the owner brought back from a trip to Hawaii is also featured in the dining room and was yet another bold choice.

The centerpiece anchoring the entire living space and a favorite of the owner is the antique fireplace. Originally there was no fireplace, but Faudree helped orchestrate the creation of one when he located a stunning old French mantelpiece. 

“It really is the focal point of the room,” Faudree says.

Adding the finishing touch to the space is Faudree’s own signature fabric design from Vervain used in the drapery accentuating the traditional elements in the condo. Faudree made extensive us of drapery in this project, both as an aesthetic choice and to provide protection from, what can at times be harsh, sunlight.

Draperies in the living space and master suite will be featured in Faudree’s forthcoming design book, Charles Faudree Details, out in September.

Faudree and the owner have a long-term working relationship with previous collaborations on two homes.

As a long-time fan of Country French design, the owner has spent decades collecting pieces and furniture that embody the sensibilities of the design aesthetic.

“She has incorporated a lot from her previous home,” Faudree says. “And she has accumulated a great collection of artworks and furniture.”

 One of the owner’s favorite furniture pieces is a nearly 100-year-old ornate French sofa that belonged to her mother. The sofa is a focal point in the master suite, which also has drapery and bed hangings from Faudree that the owner has kept nearly 25 years.

The master bath continues the soothing aqua blue tones found in the mater suite and adds a touch of glamour – marble flooring and vanity space, along with mirrored ceiling and walls create a definite sense drama.

Adding to the uptown feel of the condo are two spacious balconies, one is off the library where the owner enjoys the view of the nighttime skyline in a space that is uniquely her own.

“When you look out from the balconies at the skyline at night, you can’t tell if it’s Tulsa, New York or Chicago,” she says.

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