Mike Kloiber put his “spin” on Tinker Federal Credit Union (TFCU), Oklahoma’s largest credit union, for 25 years. And he hopes he’s left behind a lasting legacy.

While Kloiber retired at the end of August as TFCU’s president and CEO, he’s held nearly every position imaginable throughout his career – everything from drive-through sweeper and bank teller to senior officer and vice president of operations. 

When that last position became available, Kloiber took the leap. Thanks to his 10 years of experience in community banking, he got the job. 

“Fortunately, I had been exposed to a lot of different experiences … that’s what made me a qualified candidate,” he says. “Plus, I also had the education. Back then, leadership didn’t have as many college degrees … they were educated by experience. I came in with the experience, plus a bachelor’s degree and a masters degree.”

While Kloiber is now spending his days traveling in an RV with his wife Pam, his days at TFCU were rarely predictable.

“There [were] no typical days,” he says. “You [would] come in with an agenda that you’d like to get done, but it was always interrupted. I think that’s what [made] the job exciting. I never had a single day that was the same as the day before…I [was] just ready to tackle the next day.”

For Kloiber, the top priority at TFCU was his employees. He emphasized that running TFCU took the whole team, and if he didn’t have the employees doing their job, the credit union didn’t function.

“They are the face of the credit union, and how they treat members is how successful we will be,” he adds. “The employees are the most important thing for me – and the one thing I miss the most.”

His passion for his employees led to Kloiber’s desire to improve the culture at TFCU during his tenure. He says it is one of the most crucial things he did.

“I put the ‘Mike Kloiber’ spin on it, and I think most employees know who I am and what I stand for, and that’s not very easy with an organization of [TFCU’s] size,” he says. “I think you have to be close to the people you are responsible for and for them to know that you care about them. I know what it’s like to be at different levels, and it’s important to show appreciation and be considerate of all employees.”

As for the future of TFCU, Kloiber hopes the financial institution continues to expand and add new technology. He says he felt he left the credit union in great shape and good hands, ready to keep growing.

“I see nothing but good things in the future,” he says.

More About Kloiber

Kloiber was born in Tulsa and raised in Oklahoma City, where he attended Southeast High School – the place where he met his wife, Pam. He continued his higher education at the University of Central Oklahoma.
Previously a school teacher, Kloiber began his career in finance by sweeping the drive-through at a community bank on weekends. It was there that leadership asked him to join the world of banking. 
He’s an advocate of the credit union movement and is a steadfast supporter of the defense community.

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