A plethora of athletic leagues are available for men and women over 18 who want to make friends, burn some calories and, above all, have fun. There are options for play seven days a week, and recreational teams run the gamut, from flag football, basketball, softball and kickball to volleyball, pickleball, cornhole and soccer. These leagues are available through various groups including Tulsa Sports and Events, and Adult Athletics of OKC Parks. There are leagues for serious athletes, folks who just want some exercise, and those ages 50 and up.

“We aim to provide a social and recreational experience for our community to cultivate health and wellness, no matter the age or ethnicity, and we offer a safe and fun-filled space to enjoy the sports our community loves to play,” says Jae Keller, the adult athletics program coordinator for OKC Parks. “We offer things less physical than our basketball and softball leagues. For example, our soccer program is great for those who just want to exercise and meet new people. We also have a senior sports division as well, and it includes cornhole.”

The OKC program offers ten leagues across all sports, and some are co-ed. Keller says there were about 1,400 OKC-area athletic program participants in 2022. Prizes often range from gift bags to medals and shirts, and although the OKC leagues currently compete against each other, plans are in the works for city-versus-city tournaments across the state.

For those in the OKC area, Keller says the first step is “deciding what sport you want to participate in. Once the decision is made, we offer a website with all our sports information – youth included. Anyone can go to teamsideline.com/okc, and that link will take you to a world of information, along with our contact information, posted there for other questions that need to be answered.”

Tulsa Sports and Events Inc. organizes a variety of recreational league sports and tournaments in the metro, with goals of helping people stay active and social; connect with others; and provide a way for friends, family and co-workers to get closer. Tulsa Sports and Events offers eight versus eight and five versus five flag football, men’s basketball, co-ed softball, co-ed kickball, men’s softball and co-ed, indoor sand volleyball. There are multiple divisions based on skill level, and Tulsa Sports and Events is now partnered with the Tulsa Volleyball League.

A Relationship Builder

Although teams are competitive, Keller says she’s witnessed strong friendships form, and even seen amazing support among competitors and staff.

“We have a recreation specialist who assists with softball and runs the fields when games are being played,” says Keller. “The amount of love and respect he receives from the players is shocking to witness. He has his own relationship with each team captain. They love him, and it’s mutual and obvious by the way he is dedicated to making sure our programs succeed. And I have made connections along the way that I will take with me once I’m long gone.”

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