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David Cook

Photo courtesy Cain’s Ballroom.
Photo courtesy Cain’s Ballroom.

Wednesday, Feb. 18  

David Cook often wonders where his music career would be today if his brother, Andrew, hadn’t pushed for him to go to the Omaha American Idol auditions with him for its 2008 season. Andrew wouldn’t make it, but David would go on to be the season seven winner, the start of a solid career in the music industry. His songs have collectively sold more than 2 million tracks and ringtones, and he has earned two platinum and one gold-certified singles. Fan favorite hits include “The Time of My Life,” “Come Back to Me,” “Right Here, With You” and “Light On.” Currently, Cook is working on his 11th album – one that even he claims to be risky, saying, “This one doesn’t have a safety net.” But Cook, like many artists, believes risk opens the opportunity for high rewards, and he’s one of those artists who is willing to take the “bumps and bruises.” Continuing to write his own music, he enjoys the creative expression it offers. “One of the things I love about songwriting here is that it’s more story telling based and there’s a little bit more of an emphasis on the lyrics,” Cook says in his bio about the songwriting community in Nashville, a change Cook has welcomed since his move to the city in 2012. Born in Houston, Texas, Cook moved to Tulsa after college where he began touring and recording as an indie artist. Now, he’s back full circle to perform on the famous Cain’s Ballroom stage as a top artist in the industry. Don’t miss him on Wednesday, Feb. 18, at 8 p.m. For more information, visit www.cainsballroom.com or www.davidcookofficial.com.