A muted painting from the owner’s collection was selected to be placed above a black console table. The soft, layered color palette of this painting juxtaposes the console. Photo by Josh Welch
Hanging art in unexpected areas can add warmth. The first object you see when you walk into this home, styled by Welch, is the staircase. The team chose a long linear piece at the landing, and a smaller painting in the same color palette for the stairway niche. Both add texture and set the tone for this homeowners extensive art collection. Photo by Josh Welch
To break up the monotony of a wall with floor-to-ceiling shelves, hang artwork directly onto the shelves, says Welch. It adds intrigue and an unexpected pop. For one particular project, Welch and her team lacquered the home’s shelves black and hung a Joan Miro lithograph to update the room and give it a well-rounded, curated look. Photo by Josh Welch
For the Hollywood-glam master bedroom corner, pops of color were integral. It is important for art pieces hung close together to blend. In this area, the greens in each painting complement each other. Photo by Josh Welch
The most important component to hanging art is to not place it too high. This piece works perfectly above the antique Italian buffet. Hanging a modern piece of art above an old piece of furniture provides a blended, curated contrast. Photo by Josh Welch
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