During the decline of Tulsa’s downtown in the post-Depression era, residents took comfort knowing that even though their city was knocked down financially, the beautiful Art Deco architecture still towered above the city skyline, watching over the boom town, patiently waiting for its time to come again. Fast-forward to 2012: Tulsans celebrate the city’s Art Deco heritage more boisterously than ever, proudly displaying it on downtown walking tours and using it as a marketing device to bring tourists and architecture enthusiasts to The Oil Capital of the World.

Now fashion is cashing in on the trend. Partially inspired by the upcoming release of the cinematic remake of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1920s-era masterpiece, The Great Gatsby, some designers have included Deco touches in Fall 2012 jewelry collections.

This trend is often marked by a pattern of geometric shapes – such as circles, squares and triangles – that are used to make intricate designs that mimic the sleek, clean look of Art Deco architecture. Traditional Art Deco jewelry often featured various forms of life in the design, including animals and plants. Large stones, along with the use of bright colors, are also hallmarks of the style.

Spice up you wardrobe with an Art Deco inspired piece by a contemporary designer or turn to antique jewelry dealers or online sites such as eBay, which often have large amounts of Art Deco jewelry authentic to the period for sale.

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