During the dog days of summer, hours before the sunlight dissipates and you chase fireflies or listen to cicadas, sounds of childhood fun are never forgotten.

You grip the hand of your best friend and yell, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send Tommy right over!” He giggles while trying to break through the barrier of your linked arms.

In a back yard, as the seeker, you steadily count behind a tree as friends run to hide. In a pool, you swim with your eyes squeezed shut and shout, “Marco,” while listening for the splashes of those saying, “Polo.”

A mallet clacks a ball while you and your crew play croquet. A bean bag goes thud against a wooden platform as you miss the hole. A horseshoe clanks and spins around the metal post. People cheer or jeer during outdoor games.

You still hear those joyous sounds, whether they’re in your memories or your children’s summertime delights. Decades later, nothing has changed.

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