Eye Spy

As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. We asked two makeup mavens to weigh in on giving your peepers a little soul of their own.

Create a canvas: Saks Fifth Avenue Yves Saint Laurent beauty specialist Niccole Wyatt says start with a primer, such as YSL Top Secrets Wake Up Eye Care, that will smooth eye contours, refresh the skin and set the stage for make up. Then dab on a little concealer just slightly lighter than your skin tone.

Lash longer: While some stay away from waterproof mascara for everyday wear, Joy Robinson, cosmetics buyer for Balliets, says it’s the way to go on your wedding day. Laura Mercier Waterproof Mascara will earn its name when the tears flow and it will simply last longer.

Get in line: Wyatt says to reconsider black eyeliner, as it can look harsh especially in natural light. Opt for a slightly softer shade of gray, navy or brown.

Brilliant eyes: Robinson suggests a light colored shadow on the brow bone to keep you looking bright and refreshed. Contour with a complimentary shade, but don’t use anything too intense.

Pencil it in: Definitely pay attention to your brows, says Wyatt. Give them definition with the YSL eye pencil or a product that matches your hair color.

Get Cheeky

Makeup expert Joy Robinson says a blushing bride will always look happy, no matter how crazy the day gets. She says Laura Mercier’s Second Skin Cheek Color ads the perfect amount of sheer color – she says lighter skin tones should opt for  a soft pink, while those with darker skin may choose rosier hues.

Keep It Bright

Beauty authority Niccole Wyatt says that although nude, natural pale lip color may seem like a good choice for a serene bride, you’ll end up washed out – especially if you’re wearing bright white. Choose a brighter shade of pink or rose, or if you want to go for the bold, choose a classic red. She says it’s hard to go wrong with either YSL’s Rouge Voluptè or Rouge Pur Couture lipstick for delicious long lasting color. And always keep a tube with you for touchups.

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