After a bummer of a holiday season last year, replete with cancellations of at-home holiday parties, office celebrations and community events, Oklahomans are more excited than ever to get festive in 2021. People are decorating their homes and businesses earlier, and the results can sometimes be considered works of art. 


To some,  the idea of glitter and ribbon, twinkling lights and the placement of poinsettias is a true calling and passion. That’s certainly the case for the design team at Cohlmia’s in Tulsa, which also owns the garden center Calvert’s in OKC. 

“For people who want to decorate outside, I recommend starting when the weather is still nice,” says retail manager Erin Walston. “You don’t necessarily have to turn the lights on, but it prevents you from having to work in the colder elements.” 

She also mentions that the pandemic has inspired folks to go bolder with their decorations. For those with no idea where to start, Cohlmia’s has a decorator in the store at all times … so even if you just have a general idea of what you want, Walston recommends coming into the store to get help realizing your design vision. 

The focal points of the more customary decorations are the front doors, with intricate wreaths or flashy ribbon, or perhaps an entryway with modern miniature Christmas trees or a funky cactus display. 

When it comes to design touches, even if you have an older motif that you want to modernize, Cohlmia’s can help, with design tricks up their sleeves.

“I don’t always use every ornament; some years I may use more of a certain color and will change the ribbon on the tree. People always think I have a brand new tree,” says Walston. Cohlmia’s sell a wide range of ribbons in various lengths for just about any theme. 

Mason jars of twinkling lights add a nice sparkle to any space, and if you’re looking for more sleek and modern styles, options abound.


Adding pops of colors with flowers, whether traditional or not, can jazz up any holiday look. 

Toni Garner, owner of Toni’s Flowers and Gifts, gives some insight on newer, popular looks for the holiday season. 

“A lot of folks are doing tablescapes with orchids, planting them in a silver or gold pot. They can remove the red and green decorations and still keep a festive look for New Years,” she says. 

Another popular trend is planting amaryllis bulbs in colorful pots to watch them bloom throughout the season. Toni’s has a wide selection of traditional and modern flowers for the holidays, as well as decor, and is fully staffed by passionate professionals committed to making any occasion as aesthetically pleasing as possible. 

No matter what look you’re going for this season, there are an abundance of ideas to make that dream a reality.

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