Free for Fall

As the weather cools, cozy up in knits, plaids, tweeds and other comfy fabrics.

1: Tweed blazer, Max Mara. 2: Leather belt, Balmain. 3: Dual hoop earrings, Balmain. 4: Gold necklace, Versace. 5: Tweed skirt, Max Mara. 6: Gold bangle, Balmain. 7: Gold bangle, Max Mara. 8: Wool scarf, Max Mara. 9: Silk scarf, Max Mara. 10: Velvet lace-up boots, Zimmermann. 11: Wool cape, Max Mara. 12: Leather satchel, Balmain. 13: Multi-colored scarves, Acme. 14: Wool gloves, Max Mara. 15: Crocodile heeled boots, Max Mara

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