Fall family fun is not canceled this year. With some new safety measures, Oklahoma’s favorite pumpkin farms are open to the public.

Tulsa’s Pumpkin Town Farms is taking extra precautions this season to ensure all guests feel safe and welcome, says co-owner Brigette Basse. 

“We are requiring our employees to wear masks and highly encouraging guests to wear masks as well,” she says. “We will have masks provided, and we are making sure we’re advertising that.” 

Social media posts and radio taglines are a key component in Pumpkin Town Farm’s advertisement of these new measures. 

 “We will play special ads through the radio to remind patrons to wash or sanitize their hands while visiting,” says Basse. “We try to have a little fun with these new safety protocols on our social media, but ensure people how important it is that we keep our community safe.”

Basse says they are also posting short videos online that showcase how much fun visitors can still have at the farm.

“These adjustments are easy to do,” she says. “I think the biggest worry is if customers will feel safe coming out.”

Pumpkin Town Farms provides hand-washing and sanitizing stations around the farm. This, along with signs to mandate social distancing, provide a sense of security. A couple of attractions, however, are closed this season.

“None of our big attractions will close,” says Basse. “We do have an attraction called the corn crib that the kids can play in – similar to a ball pit – but we’ll have to close it. As well as the cow milking attraction, because it’ll just be too difficult to monitor and keep sanitized.”

Providing a protected environment where families can come enjoy their annual traditions is important to the team at Pumpkin Town, now more than ever.

“I’ve had tons of people message me, so thankful that we’re open this year, because they want that tiny bit of normalcy,” says Basse. 

Farms in Tulsa aren’t alone in their new protocols. Orr Family Farm in Oklahoma City has also decided to keep its gates open, with a few changes to its regulations to ensure comfortability, according to general manager Shanain Kemp.

“We hope that people will feel safe,” she says. “We actually have a lot of cleaning procedures in place, and we will maintain social distancing around the facility.”

Despite the facility sitting on over 100 acres, Kemp says masks will be required on all rides, as there is no way to social distance while on that attraction. 

“Many people see the farm as an annual tradition,” she says, “and we will make it as safe as possible so people can keep that tradition.” 

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