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[dropcap]Royce[/dropcap] Myers has been well known among professional art trade dealers, interior designers and architects for 25 years, but recently opened its doors to the public.

Before holding public business hours, the Tulsa gallery was only available by appointment to professional art trade dealers, interior designers and architects. While Myers says he plans to continue working closely with those clients, he is looking forward to the opportunity to brinng art to more people’s lives.

The gallery, in the same building that was once the beloved Nine of Cups restaurant and concert spot, is filled with hundreds of paintings on display in the gallery and in inventory. Clients receive help choosing art that fits their needs and other associated services to help make the process of buying art easier.

“We’ve placed numerous pieces in finer, private homes,” Myers says. “We are a one-stop shop, a full-service art gallery. We offer consultation, framing, delivery and installation to our clients.”

The gallery has also completed installations for major corporations, law firms, hospitals and colleges, including The University of Tulsa. Artists featured in the gallery include Blakely Bering, Joe Andoe, Cicero Silva, Smith Carney, Susan Hanson, Anna Rutherford, Brent Foreman, Myers himself, and his son, Spencer, and local artist Derek Penix, who won 2016’s National Oil Painters’ Guild Award Best of Show.

“We have a very large inventory,” says Myers. “We work with our clients to find art that they love within their budget.”

Myers says he believes art is for everyone, and he looks forward to working with people to help them find art that is perfect for them.

“This is a new invitation. Times have changed,” says Myers, noting that the internet has affected the ways in which people buy art.

Myers stresses that paintings need to be seen in person, and gallery goers can closely examine the quality of a piece. He reminds that art can be manipulated to look better in online photographs.

Choosing to visit a local gallery also provides a more personal experience to help clients find art that perfectly complements their home.

“People want original art. They want to shop local,” he says. “I don’t think you can get that experience and level of customer service online.”

The gallery is family owned and operated by Myers, his wife, Kay, and his son and daughter; Myers and his son are both artists. Philanthropy is also a family tradition. Royce and Kay are involved in the 2017 Designer’s Showcase for Foundation for Tulsa Schools, and Kay Myers volunteers weekly at Tulsa Girls Art School.

The Royce Myers Gallery, 1706 S. Boston Ave., is open 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

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