When we think of what items we place in a bedroom, it may be on the basis of aesthetics. However, what is in a bedroom or, more importantly, what’s not in a bedroom, can directly affect the quality of sleep an individual receives nightly. Think about items that inspire calm: Serene colors, soft textures and plush pillows can set the mood for a restful night’s sleep. A nightstand can be equally important. Some like to have a carafe of water for those late-night coughs; others, a sleep mask or eye pillow to keep out any distracting light. A lamp is also a great item to have on a nightstand, especially if reading is a soothing pre-bedtime activity.

While stocking the bedroom with appropriate linens, accessories and the right mattress are very important, it’s also essential that one know what not to place in the bedroom. Televisions are a no-no, as they can encourage you to watch the late news as opposed to getting much needed shut-eye. It’s also a good idea to keep laptops and other work-related items out of the bedroom. Sleep is designed to rejuvenate and recharge the body for the next day. Give yourself the best opportunity to rest and relax.

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