Happiness on a Plate

With the mission to spread happiness one meal at a time, OKC’s Taquitos Feliz is just the ticket for authentic Mexican fare.

Begin your culinary journey with an antojito (appetizer). Options include chicken flautas, mulitas, tortas and quesadillas. After, the world’s your oyster. Peruse a variety of item sections, from fajitas to burritos, tacos and enchiladas. Fillings include skirt steak, chicken, fried or marinated pork, beef tongue or veggies. Those who are extra hungry should try the combo plates – ranging from chimichangas to enchiladas, burritos, carne asada and carnitas. 

Other draws of Taquitos Feliz include the excellent deals. Visit for Happy Hour, every day except Tuesday, from 3-6 p.m. for .99 cent carnita, chicken and adobada tacos. Taco Tuesday means this deal happens all day long! There are also weekend specials, junior deals and other goodies that ensure you leave with a full belly and a happy wallet.

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