Christmas Cocktails

Want to spice things up at your next holiday party? Tired of the same old spiked eggnog? We’ve got a few ideas. (Oh, and for the kiddos and non-drinkers, any of these would be great sans spirits!) 

Christmas Punch

Mix rum, tart cherry and cranberry juices, simple syrup, seltzer water or ginger ale with spices like ginger and nutmeg. Fruity, tart and boozy, this is a win for those looking for a lighter option. 

Boozy Hot Chocolate 

Whether you add rum, a cream liqueur or even tequila, spiked hot chocolate is a festive libation for anyone with a sweet tooth. If you’re in a pinch, hot chocolate mix works just fine – but consider creating your own if you have the time.

Irish Coffee

A perfect after-dinner drink or brunch cocktail, an Irish coffee includes fresh brewed coffee, brown sugar, Irish whiskey and some whipped cream. Add a cream liqueur if you want it extra rich. 

Cranberry Ginger Mimosa

For those looking to keep things simple, the cranberry ginger mimosa is just the ticket. Top your bubbly of choice with cranberry juice, ginger beer and sugared cranberries. This one is especially great for big groups – pour it all in a punch bowl and go wild!

Tom & Jerry 

This one was created over two centuries ago in England, but it’s still just as enjoyable today. Combine eggs, dark rum and vanilla extract with boiling water, cognac and whole milk. It’ll warm you up in no time!

Top Dishes

While someone will probably look at you funny if you eat anything other than turkey on Thanksgiving, Christmas comes with a bit more leeway as it pertains to the mains, sides and desserts. Which do you think reigns supreme in each of these categories? Does your family have a unique culinary tradition? Tell us on our Instagram –


  •  Prime rib
  •  Roast turkey
  •  Barbecue 
  •  Honey-glazed ham
  •  Beef Wellington 
  •  Roast duck or goose
  •  Pork loin 


  •  Stuffing
  •  Cranberry sauce
  •  Mashed potatoes 
  •  Biscuits
  •  Cornbread
  •  Macaroni and cheese
  •  Sweet potato casserole
  •  Green beans 
  •  Scalloped potatoes 


  •  Christmas cookies
  •  Pie
  •  Gingerbread 
  •  Christmas tree brownies

Holiday Sweet Treats  

If you’re aiming to hop in the kitchen with family and friends this season, or just need to bring a sweet treat to a gathering, try the following:

  • Gingerbread  Christmas cookies – from snowmen to trees and Santa Claus himself
  • Apple pie 
  • Peppermint bundt cake
  • Christmas tree cupcakes 
  • Pumpkin rolls
  • Oreo balls 
  • Peppermint milkshakes

Decor Galore

Looking to get into a festive mood whilst dining around town? You’ll find holiday cheer in spades at these restaurants: 

  • Roosevelt’s – Tulsa
  • Bird and Bottle – Tulsa
  • Ti Amo Ristorante Italiano – Tulsa
  • Smoke – Tulsa
  • Whisky Cake – OKC
  • Vast – OKC
  • Mary Eddy’s Dining Room – OKC 
  • Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse – OKC
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