Photo courtesy Horton Records.
Pidgin Band. Photo courtesy Horton Records.

Sunday, June 21

Tulsa’s Guthrie Green is host to Horton Records Sunday Concert series. Once a month, Tulsa’s very own record label, Horton Records, will showcase emerging and established artists in a free concert. This Sunday, the concert’s lineup includes the Greyhounds, Dustin Pittsley and Pidgin. Horton Records’ artists offer a wide range of musical talents and genres that will leave the audience chanting “encore.” Greyhounds offers an old-school sound that mixes funk with a soulful groove. Pidgin gets down with soulful tones and afrobeats that are nostalgic to the ‘70s era of music. In contrast, the Dustin Pittsley Band will thrill the crowd with its flame throwing guitars, passionate songs and powerhouse performance. Witness the budding artists for yourself on Sunday, June 21. For more information, visit

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