Summertime means patio crowds, barbecues and block parties. Each party means different cocktails, more people and new problems that might have stress levels skyrocketing. This is when technology has answers.

Smartphones have started to take over, even in the kitchen. iPhone users can download the Epicurious app, the BigOven app or the Cook’s Illustrated app if they need help with their menu. Android users can access the AllRecipe app for variety or, if they know someone with a low-sodium-gluten-free diet, they can use PrestoFind.

If you never took bartending classes, but still want to make an (alcoholic) impression, download the 8,500+ app for obscure drinks to your iPhone. The Mixology app is also a good idea if you have limited supplies. Android users can choose Cocktail Flow or Shaken not Stirred.

There are plenty other smart phone applications that might come up. If your camera doesn’t work, use Instagram, with an added bonus of being able to manipulate the image before uploading it. There’s always that dreaded moment when an embarrassing song comes on. Avoid it with Instant Dance Party, which lets you roll out tunes in a flash. The topic of sports might show up, and there will be the eventual arguments. Use MLB At The Bat or WatchESPN to distract your sports fans. You might even play flashlight tag with the Flashlight app, or go old school with Truth or Dare.

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