[dropcap]What[/dropcap] is “glamping”? Glamping is glamorous camping; a travel trend that allows the adventurer to experience remote areas without the rustic accommodations. Imagine hiking through the Alps, dove hunting in Argentina or exploring a remote jungle but with an occasional glass of wine or private dinner served to you. Hike up the mountain while a sherpa carries your baggage. Float on the Amazon River, but in a luxury riverboat in staterooms with huge window views, tour guides and gourmet chefs. Go on an African safari and cover rough and natural terrain, interact with a tribe but return to your luxury tent.

There are numerous programs that offer glamping. National Geographic, Backwoods Adventures and Trek International Safaris are just some recommendations. Depending on your interests, you can find customized programs perfect for your needs. One particular destination offered through Backwoods Adventures is a hike through three countries that cover the Alps: Italy, France and Switzerland (Mont Blanc). A step above camping, you sleep in a lodge rather than a tent, and you receive three meals a day. A sherpa carries your bags, and cars are also available to help transport hikers if needed. One must still prepare rigorously with workouts in order to experience thrilling, challenging physical tasks on the hike, but comfortable lodging and tasty food await you along the way.

Hunters can enjoy a luxury dove-hunting trip in Argentina and other locations through Trek International Safaris. La Portenita Lodge employees pick up their guests and transport them to the lodge where gourmet meals, classic Argentine barbecues, legal Cuban cigars and Scotch whiskey await. Picnics with hammocks are the setting for bonding while the staff washes your boots and clothes and drives you to and from the daily hunts.

Aqua Expeditions hosts a riverboat trip excursion with tour guides and luxury accommodations. The Amazon River and the Mekong River are two options. Imagine an itinerary of sailing on the Amazon River, getting to see wildlife up close, interacting with a tribe and returning to a gourmet dinner or relaxing spa and private screening room on the riverboat.

Other examples of glamping to consider: dogsledding in Alaska, heli-hiking in Canada or Alaska, caving in Puerto Rico, mountain-biking through European countries, sea kayaking off Baja Mexico and hiking/cycling/kayaking on the Trans-Canada trail are options to satisfy various interests.

“Mushing” is a term for traveling on a dog sled. The program provides full exterior clothing and boots. You will experience incredible mountain vistas while enjoying delicious cuisine at the Tokosha Mountain Lodge. Canadian Mountain Holidays provides the heli-hiking adventures. Aventuraspa.com shows an excellent video for caving in Puerto Rico. Backwoods Adventures covers a range of glamping with a particular multi-adventure trip in Costa Rica.

The self discovery that travelers experience on glamping trips is inspirational. The physical and mental rewards from these trips are truly enriching. Bonding with fellow travelers has taught many “glampers” that they prefer experiences over acquisitions in their lives.

If you are interested in a day excursion and not an extended adventure, consider  zip-lining or whale-watching. Both can be found either domestically or internationally.

Whether mountain hiking, hunting in the countryside or sailing on the Amazon River – your head in the clouds or your feet in the water – you can touch the earth’s miraculous physical features in luxury and style.

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