Back in the early 1940s, Knotty Pine was a rough bar in a tough part of town, and David Woodard’s grandmother used to carry a blackjack to club unruly drunks. But the delicious barbecue soon became known citywide, and crowds of eager eaters kept the drunks at bay. Every day, the line of hungry patrons snaked out the door and down the block. Woodard’s first childhood memory is of stacking sheets of paper used to wrap the ‘cue. He was 5 years old, and the stack seemed to reach the ceiling. Today, Woodard helms the legendary Tulsa barbecue at a new location.

“We want the old Knotty Pine regulars back, but we also want their children

… and their grandchildren,” he says. The regulars are glad to find beans, slaw and the famous secret sauce made the way they were a half-century ago. And the ribs, pulled pork, ham and brisket are even better. Working with Travis Jackson, a former chef at Polo Grill, Woodard and his wife, Brittany Woodard, discovered a way to improve the flavor. The meat is brined for 24 hours, then smoked daily. New sides, such as gumbo, tabouleh and chili, have made their way onto the menu, along with appetizers such as wings, hummus and homemade desserts. 6161 S. 33rd West Ave., Tulsa.

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