Visit Paris by way of a Parisian husband and wife, the chef and owner of Le Louvre French Café. With self-confessed exacting and high standards in the creation of alluring and authentic French cuisine, Le Louvre offers everything from crepes and croissants to a myriad of other French delicacies. Savory crepes include La Nordique with creamy garlic salmon, spinach, béchamel and cheese; and sweet crepes include La Caramel with salted caramel, slivered almonds and vanilla ice cream. Don’t miss the dessert pastries including Panier de Fruits, a large tart made with a blend of berries and pastry cream, and Feuilleté aux Poires with sweet pears and pastry cream, contained like a present inside a bowtie-shaped puff pastry. 8313 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa;

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